Thursday Night Roast at Kleins

The Thursday night roast at Kleins at the Runaway Bay Marina is becoming a bit of a weekly event for many of the locals in the area. If you walk into the Bar & Grill anytime from 5pm, the tables will be littered with ‘Reserved Seating’. Any time after that, you will be lucky to get a seat.

The popularity of the Thursday night roast is most definately due to the quality of food, the value for money and the friendly service. From couples to families, grandparents to students, the promise of a nice home-cooked meal appeals to everyone. Thursday nights are when the week is drawing to a close and the last thing most people feel like doing is cooking.

You may even get lucky and see the official Kleins mascot Gary behind the Grill! For bookings and more information, contact Kleins Coffee Bar and Grill.