Cyclone Oma skips the Gold Coast – but weather alert still stays

Cyclone Oma 2019 Gold Coast weather zone

It’s been an interesting few days on the Gold Coast as the community has been watching and receiving updates on the movements of Tropical Cyclone Oma and it’s anticipated impact along the coastline of South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

As of this morning, the cyclone had been downgraded to a category 1 with the official cyclone watch being withdrawn but the possibility of it being upgraded back to a category 2 as it moves closer to the coast.

With a 600km diameter (twice the size but not as strong as Cyclone Debbie) there a strong emphasis on being prepared and not taking any chances on the water with the strong weather patterns expected to generate huge swells, beach erosion and strong winds inland.

With all Gold Coast beaches closed and waves that are even too big for the most experienced surfers, everyone is being asked to be sensible and take the right precautions and have everything secured and tied down.

The Runaway Bay Marina will as usual, be open all weekend if you need to contact our office for any reason. Please refer to the Bureau Of Meteorology website for updated developments and information.

Stay safe and enjoy the weather show!

Image Source: Weatherzone


RBM and the 2018 Commonwealth Games

gold coast games surfers paradise

The team here at Runaway Bay Marina are excited about the upcoming Commonwealth Games to be held on the Gold Coast in April next year. The Gold Coast region is going to be bustling with activities and of course visitors and athletes both nationally and internationally.

During the lead up to April, we want to remind everyone that there will be an increase of boaties out on the broadwater during the games (from April 4th – April 15th 2018), so please be safe and considerate to those around you. Ensure your safety equipment is up to date and suitable for your vessel and number of passengers on board.

We are expecting a high demand for casual and short term marina berthing during this period and availability will be limited as the marina is certainly a great way to secure affordable accommodation with easy access to games venues.

Please contact the marina office on 07 5577 1400 for more information or to enquire about a berth.

Clive Palmer’s Boat up for Auction at Runaway Bay Marina

Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

As the Gold Coast marine industry is still buzzing from another successful Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, there are many buyers still on the look for their dream vessel. On Sunday at Runaway Bay Marina, we had our own excitement with several of our marine auctioneers participating in a large marine auction.

With many boats being sold, there was one vessel in particular that sparked a particular interest amongst the bidders. This 98’ Horizon went under the hammer at the auction held at Runaway Bay Marina on Sunday. It was passed in with a highest bid of $2.1m. It is expected to sell this week with a few interested parties to negotiate terms with the current owner, Clive Palmer.

If you would like more information about this boat or any of the other marine auctions that take place at Runaway Bay Marina, please contact our Runaway Bay Marina management office today and we will be happy to assist and direct your enquiries.

Marina car park upgrade

Runaway Bay Marina kicked off 2017 with a bang thanks to some highly anticipated resurfacing of the marina carpark.

Taking just over two weeks, there was a bit of disruption to the usual carparking layout but thankfully our tenants, boaties, customers and guests were all extremely understanding and accommodating to the works.

The teams who prepared and completed the resurfacing did so with efficiency and (on some days), in extreme heat.

After the heavy work was completed, the line markers come out and gave all the spaces a fresh lick of paint.

From the Management team at Runaway Bay Marina, we thank everyone for their patience.

Carpark work Runaway Bay Marina

Before the work begins

The patching up starts

The patching up starts


Carpark Feb 2nd Runaway Bay Marina C

The serious machinery begins to arrive


And stage 1 is complete!

And stage 1 is complete!


Work on the roadside car park commences

Work on the roadside car park commences.


All systems go as the temps get up to 39 degrees!

All systems go as the temps get up to 39 degrees!


Car park repavement

All done! Enjoy the new car park here at Runaway Bay Marina.




Extreme Heatwave hits the Gold Coast

Australia is known for it’s extreme weather and this year, the Gold Coast is feeling it in full force with temperature records being broken weekly.

In the last few years, the average temperature has an increased 1 degree per year, which doesn’t sound a lot however if this pattern continues we can anticipate pretty unbearable summers in ten years time!

Many Gold Coasters have been seeking refuge in the water and making the most of our coastal access.  The marina has been extremely busy with our boaties trying to keep cool on the Gold Coast waterways and urge everyone to take care while they are out and about.

A few things to consider during a heatwave:

Dehydration: If you are out in the sun whether it be for work or recreation, by the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  Keep your fluids up but do it properly. Taking small sips of water will do nothing to replenish you, you need to have proper drinks – mouthfuls at a time – in order for it to have any affect.

Sunburn: Even when there is cloud cover, you will still burn if outdoors wearing no sun protection.  Ensure you are covered as best you can, reapply your sunscreen and if possible stay out of direct sunlight during the peak times of 11am-2pm.  If you are out on the water, you are doubling your chances of sunburn with the water reflection.

Good luck to everyone staying cool and enjoy the water!

heat wave Jan 2016

Tips for Australia Day on the water

Australia Day on the Gold Coast is becoming officially one of the busiest days on the Gold Coast waterways which is why if you are planning on being out on the water, there’s a few things to keep in mind:

Do not drink and drive:The water police will be out in force on Australia Day and for good reason.  It’s one of the highest traffic days on the Gold Coast waterways which means there is little room for those drivers who are doing the wrong things and possibly causing accidents. If you are going out on the boat and intend on having guests on board enjoying a few coldies, ensure everyone knows from the first minute you jump on the boat, who is the designated driver for the day.

Ensure you have the correct amount of life jackets and safety equipment: Most people have a boat so they can invite friends and family along.  If you are planning on having extra guests on the boat, firstly ensure your vessel is allowed to carry the intended number of passengers and secondly ensure every single person has a life jacket.  It is also worthwhile to check all of your standard safety equipment and first aid supplies.

Fuel up: It may sound obvious but you will more than likely be out on the boat on Australia Day longer than usual so ensure that your petrol tank is full.

Join VMR: If you only use these guys once, you have more than paid for your annual membership fee.  Even the most experienced boatie and well-maintained vessel can experience difficulties and being a member of the Volunteer Marine Rescue can make a bad situation a lot more bearable! Click HERE for more information

Stock up on water: Australia day is notoriously hot so make sure, for everyone’s sake, you have stocked up on lots and lots of water.

Have a happy Australia day!


Runaway Bay Marina staff burn some rubber!

The engines were revving and the competition was fierce as the crew from Runaway Bay Marina took to the tracks at Slideways Go Karting Gold Coast.  The venue was chosen for the teams 2016 Christmas party and the atmosphere was electric!

Not surprisingly our resident forklift driver, Marty who spends more time behind the wheel, took out pole position and the checkered flag.  Coming in a close second and third were Russell and then Luke from the Marina office.

The rest of us will be sticking to boats and water activities!



Welcome to our new look Runaway Bay Marina website!

Runaway Bay Marina has just undergone a major refurbishment, online.  We appreciate the importance of keeping our visitors, tenants and boat owners informed with a website that is easy to use.

Our updates included more information on our boat storage facilities, marine services and boat sales services in a format that is modern and easy to navigate.

A big thanks to the team at Shared Marketing, who are one of our long-standing tenants at Runaway Bay Marina for the fresh new look website.

If you need any more information regarding any of our services, please contact our Runaway Bay Marina management office today.

Runaway Bay Marina welcomes Gold Coast Marine Training

Have you have ever wanted to get your boat or jet-ski license? Well now you have no excuse. Runaway Bay Marina is proud to welcome our newest tenant, Gold Coast Marine Training to the commercial centre. There could not be a more fitting business to have here at the Marina with Heidi and her team specialising and offering a variety of courses for the water lovers out there.

The courses available through Gold Coast Marine Training include:

  • Combined boat license course
  • Boat license course
  • Jet Ski license course
  • Marine Radio Operators License course

The vessels that you will learn on are of the highest calibre with both a 570 BRIG Navigator boat and Yamaha VX110 Jetski available for training. With over 12 years experience in the marine industry the training you will receive through Gold Coast Marine Training will be first class.

Contact Heidi today for more information on class times and pricing.

Gold Coast set to be hit by wild weather

It’s coming! South East Queensland has been warned to brace for wild weather, torrential rain, strong winds and huge swells over the next 48-72 hours. The weather system we’re expecting is currently sitting off the coast of Cairns and is forecast to travel down south and arrive on our doorstep tomorrow.


It is estimated that there could be up to 400mm of rain in the hinterland and 200mm along the coast in the days leading up to the weekend. This in addition to king tides and dangerous surf conditions could possibly see beach closures on the Gold Coast with beach erosion being the main concern. Flash flooding is also an issue with creek beds set to rise with the massive amount of rain.
Strong winds have been predicated as part of three separate systems consisting of two lows currently moving along the Gulf of Carpentaria and and Cape York together with a third low forming in the Coral Sea. Each of these monsoon lows are being monitored to track their progress and see if they will develop into a cyclone.


All areas that are scheduled to be affected (Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Gladstone, Brisbane and Gold Coast) are being urged to be prepared and not take any risks in the next few days.  “Even those in the city areas, making sure you’ve got stuff tidied up, that loose items are secure, particularly if we start getting warnings later in the week and we find the potential cyclone is heading our way.” Gladstone disaster management coordinator Mark Homes warns.


With the Gold Coast coastline expecting to bear the brunt, here are some tips to prepare yourself, your boat and your property with the scheduled wild weather:


  • Do not go out on the waterways
  • Ensure all boats and water vessels are moored safely and securely
  • Remove any objects from the deck of the boat which could be damaged or swept out with strong winds
  • Do not drive through flooded roads and areas – even if it looks like a puddle, it can quickly turn into something a lot deeper and dangerous
  • Stay indoors if weather conditions are extreme
  • Ensure all guttering around your home is clear and unblocked
  • Ensure any outdoor furniture or other items that can be moved in strong winds are secure
  • Have torches ready in case you experience a loss of power
  • Have phones charging in case you experience loss of power and need to use your phone
  • Ensure your cars are parked under shelter

Above all use your common sense and don’t take any risks that are not necessary and be safe.