Runaway Bay Shipyard



The best way to retain the value of your boat and ensure reliable and worry-free boating is to maintain it properly. At Runaway Bay Marina Shipyard, we have all trades and services conveniently located onsite to attend to all of your repair and service requirements.


Hauling out your boat is a safe, easy and convenient process at Runaway Bay Marina. We use a Marine Travel lift and Forklift capable of lifting boats to 55’ and 32’ respectively. A regular haul out is quick, simple and will save you money on maintenance in the long term. You can work on your boat yourself at the Shipyard, enlist one of our talented marine professionals, or bring in your own preferred contractor provided they comply with the rules and regulations and are properly insured.

  • Antifouling your hull and running gear will ensure optimum performance and efficiency whilst protecting against osmosis and corrosion. The Runaway Bay Marina has onsite antifouling services available. Please see onsite services available here.
  • Anodes should be checked annually and replaced accordingly to ensure your craft and equipment is not literally dissolving away.
  • Servicing the motor/s and gearbox/stern drive is the best protection you can get in avoiding costly repair bills and that ‘Murphy’s Law’ breakdown when your family and friends are out boating on the best day of the year.
  • Electrical systems need checking and maintenance as well. You can’t get anywhere if your boat won’t start.
  • Detail your boat regularly to keep it looking its best and maintain value. Polish the top sides at least once a year to protect the gelcoat.