Extreme Heatwave hits the Gold Coast

Australia is known for it’s extreme weather and this year, the Gold Coast is feeling it in full force with temperature records being broken weekly.

In the last few years, the average temperature has an increased 1 degree per year, which doesn’t sound a lot however if this pattern continues we can anticipate pretty unbearable summers in ten years time!

Many Gold Coasters have been seeking refuge in the water and making the most of our coastal access.  The marina has been extremely busy with our boaties trying to keep cool on the Gold Coast waterways and urge everyone to take care while they are out and about.

A few things to consider during a heatwave:

Dehydration: If you are out in the sun whether it be for work or recreation, by the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  Keep your fluids up but do it properly. Taking small sips of water will do nothing to replenish you, you need to have proper drinks – mouthfuls at a time – in order for it to have any affect.

Sunburn: Even when there is cloud cover, you will still burn if outdoors wearing no sun protection.  Ensure you are covered as best you can, reapply your sunscreen and if possible stay out of direct sunlight during the peak times of 11am-2pm.  If you are out on the water, you are doubling your chances of sunburn with the water reflection.

Good luck to everyone staying cool and enjoy the water!

heat wave Jan 2016