Dredging and Maintenance at Runaway Bay Marina

Dredging and Maintenance

It’s been a hive of activity around the Runaway Bay Marina with many improvements and upgrades taking place. As per the carpark upgrade and landscaping, we are now moving into the water with the next phase of our refurbishment with the dredging of the marina.

Maintenance dredging works underway at Runaway Bay Marina. The main fairway is being dredged with the sand being pumped up along the wall. It is expected to take another couple of weeks to complete, so please exercise caution when passing by the dredge.

This will make a difference for all of our boaties and residents.

If you have queries about any of the maintenance schedules, please contact our Runaway Bay Marina office and speak with one of our team.

Clive Palmer’s Boat up for Auction at Runaway Bay Marina

Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

As the Gold Coast marine industry is still buzzing from another successful Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, there are many buyers still on the look for their dream vessel. On Sunday at Runaway Bay Marina, we had our own excitement with several of our marine auctioneers participating in a large marine auction.

With many boats being sold, there was one vessel in particular that sparked a particular interest amongst the bidders. This 98’ Horizon went under the hammer at the auction held at Runaway Bay Marina on Sunday. It was passed in with a highest bid of $2.1m. It is expected to sell this week with a few interested parties to negotiate terms with the current owner, Clive Palmer.

If you would like more information about this boat or any of the other marine auctions that take place at Runaway Bay Marina, please contact our Runaway Bay Marina management office today and we will be happy to assist and direct your enquiries.

Runaway Bay Marina at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

The Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show has become one of the biggest events on Australia’s Marina calendar with local, interstate and international buyers and sellers flying in for the annual event.

boat show

Runaway Bay Marina has had a long-standing affiliation with the boat show due to our location on the southern end of the coast and also our many tenants who are in the industry through auction, manufacturing and selling. The marina is also a popular spot for people to park and catch the water taxi over to Sanctuary Cove for the event.

This year we were especially ‘close’ to the action with the Runaway Bay Marina providing berthing for a few large and impressive vessels, a 100’ Milcraft, 98’ Horizon and a 90’ Horizon. These vessels highlight the space and flexibility we have at Runaway Bay Marina for berthing vessels ranging in size and accommodating to both short term and long term berths.

For more information on our boat storage and berthing options, click here and take advantage of our Shipyard Price Match Guarantee ending on the 30th of June.

Distressed Boat Rescued at Runaway Bay Marina

On Wednesday afternoon we had an urgent call from a very distressed boat owner regarding a sinking boat that needed to be pulled out of the water. Of course we jumped straight into action and worked with the local authorities to ensure everyone's safety with our Marina staff staying on late into the evening to ensure every man and his boat were returned back to land safe and sound.

boat rescue at runaway bay marina

Events like this bring to the forefront the importance for boat owners to be aware of the local marinas to contact in case of emergencies as well as the local authorities such as the Water Police and VMR. Just as important, if not more so, ensure that you have all the required safety equipment on board such as lifejackets, a working radio and first aid kits.

And make sure you tell family members and/or friends where are you going for the day and how long you expect to be.

We are happy to report that this case had a happy ending.

Happy and safe boating!

New Gardens for Runaway Bay Marina

This week has been a busy week in the Runaway Bay Marina carpark with some more greenery appearing throughout the north and south carparks.

new gardens runaway bay marina

With the landscapers using only native Australian plants to complement our temperamental weather patterns here on the Gold Coast, the new gardens will add the ultimate finishing touches to the recently resurfaced carpark around the Marina.

The work was carried out over a few days with the crews working hard to beat the forecast rain due to hit the Gold Coast from Friday onwards.

The new garden beds are part of our ongoing ‘Improvement Project’ which will be continuing on throughout the year both in and around the Marina building. We are constantly talking with tenants, visitors and locals and encourage feedback.

runaway bay marina garden work

Weather Notice

storm warning


March 30th 2017

We are aware of the adverse weather conditions and we will continue to monitor the situation closely.

At this stage we have closed the shipyard and its operations; however the rest of the marina is still open and we will let you know of any changes.

If you have concerns for your safety and or your home, please call the SES.

Stay safe everyone.

Update: March 31st 2017

The Marina is open and all services in operation.
There has been no damage to the Marina.

We will keep you updated on any changes.

Marina car park upgrade

Runaway Bay Marina kicked off 2017 with a bang thanks to some highly anticipated resurfacing of the marina carpark.

Taking just over two weeks, there was a bit of disruption to the usual carparking layout but thankfully our tenants, boaties, customers and guests were all extremely understanding and accommodating to the works.

The teams who prepared and completed the resurfacing did so with efficiency and (on some days), in extreme heat.

After the heavy work was completed, the line markers come out and gave all the spaces a fresh lick of paint.

From the Management team at Runaway Bay Marina, we thank everyone for their patience.

Carpark work Runaway Bay Marina

Before the work begins

The patching up starts

The patching up starts


Carpark Feb 2nd Runaway Bay Marina C

The serious machinery begins to arrive


And stage 1 is complete!

And stage 1 is complete!


Work on the roadside car park commences

Work on the roadside car park commences.


All systems go as the temps get up to 39 degrees!

All systems go as the temps get up to 39 degrees!


Car park repavement

All done! Enjoy the new car park here at Runaway Bay Marina.




Shipyard Price Match Guarantee


During the months of July and August, the Runaway Bay Marina Shipyard will price match any bona fide competitors quote*.

As boat owners ourselves, we understand how valuable your time is. So don’t waste yours by travelling all the way up the river for shipyard services or having to compare prices of different marinas for storage.

At Runaway Bay Marina we are so confident that our boat storage & berthing and marine services will exceed all of your expectations and requirements that we will match any quote provided from one of our competitors for the months of July and August 2017. We also offer all of our boat owners and tenants the option of using their own service providers in our Marina and have the option of working on your vessel at the Runaway Bay Marina Shipyard*.

If you would like more information on our prices or any of the services we have available at the Runaway Bay Marina, you can either request an online quote or contact our team seven days a week. We are here every day except ANZAC day and more than happy to accommodate to your individual boating needs.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Tips for Australia Day on the water

Australia Day on the Gold Coast is becoming officially one of the busiest days on the Gold Coast waterways which is why if you are planning on being out on the water, there’s a few things to keep in mind:

Do not drink and drive:The water police will be out in force on Australia Day and for good reason.  It’s one of the highest traffic days on the Gold Coast waterways which means there is little room for those drivers who are doing the wrong things and possibly causing accidents. If you are going out on the boat and intend on having guests on board enjoying a few coldies, ensure everyone knows from the first minute you jump on the boat, who is the designated driver for the day.

Ensure you have the correct amount of life jackets and safety equipment: Most people have a boat so they can invite friends and family along.  If you are planning on having extra guests on the boat, firstly ensure your vessel is allowed to carry the intended number of passengers and secondly ensure every single person has a life jacket.  It is also worthwhile to check all of your standard safety equipment and first aid supplies.

Fuel up: It may sound obvious but you will more than likely be out on the boat on Australia Day longer than usual so ensure that your petrol tank is full.

Join VMR: If you only use these guys once, you have more than paid for your annual membership fee.  Even the most experienced boatie and well-maintained vessel can experience difficulties and being a member of the Volunteer Marine Rescue can make a bad situation a lot more bearable! Click HERE for more information

Stock up on water: Australia day is notoriously hot so make sure, for everyone’s sake, you have stocked up on lots and lots of water.

Have a happy Australia day!


50% Off Hardstand Special


During the months of May and June, the Runaway Bay Marina Shipyard is offering a 50% off hardstand deal*.

Have your vessel lifted out on any Thursday or Friday and relaunch on the following Monday or Tuesday and pay only two days hardstand*.

As boat owners ourselves, we understand how valuable your time is. So don’t waste yours by travelling all the way up the river for shipyard services.

We have all the trades and services you need right here at Runaway Bay. If you prefer to use your own service provider, they are more than welcome to work on your vessel at the Runaway Bay Marina Shipyard*.

Phone our friendly and helpful staff on 55771400 today to make your booking.

*Terms and conditions apply.